How We Made Our
Clients $200M+

& How The Same Property
Strategy Can Give You A
Financially Secure Retirement

Sydney CBD
6th + 7th AUGUST | Noon & Evening Sessions

Young rich lister Al Lewison and Bestselling author Cam McLellan
Reveal how they purchased their first 5 properties and what
they’d do differently in today’s market

Our Team Will Reveal How They

Built their initial portfolios

What they would do if they had to
start again from NOTHING

If you’re tired of all the conflicting advice about the real estate market, then you’re in exactly the right place. My name is Allister Lewison and my company – OpenCorp – helps everyday Australians safely and intelligently invest in real estate and build wealth before retirement.

Over the past 25 years I’ve consistently outperformed standard investment properties and built a personal portfolio worth well over $74m – and OpenCorp has purchased a total of +$1.2bn worth of property using the same system. We’ll show you how you can safely use this method to easily grow substantial wealth despite the mainstream media naysayers.


Dates: Tuesday 6th August & Wednesday 7th August

Hilton Sydney
488 George Street,
Sydney CBD

Multiple Session Times

In this session our team will dissect core lessons from Cam McLellan’s bestselling property investment book

My 4-year-old the property investor so you
can apply these to build your own wealth

Our Track Record Is Unmatched
By Anyone In The Industry

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the marketplace. Nearly every newsroom and media outlet are using fear-mongering tactics to sell their stories. So it’s no surprise you’re a little hesitant to invest in property, even though it’s obviously Australia’s best wealth building vehicle.

What you must realise is this: YES the overpriced capital cities have slightly decreased in value. However, there are still HUGE capital growth occurring in different places around Australia. It’s simply a matter of knowing where to look, what type of properties to invest in and how to structure your investment correctly.

Here’s More Of What You’ll Discover
in Your Free Live Event…

The 3 simple daily steps used to find the deal of a lifetime every day of the week.

  • Find out exactly why Warren Buffet believes investors should be fearful with others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful and how this relates to you.
  • How to pay off your own home in 10 years. Not 30.
  • Where the next hot spots suburbs across Australia are, and why the guys sees 2019 as the year to invest.
  • How you can leverage your first property to finance a second, third, and beyond.
  • How to stay safe in today’s market and revealing the biggest mistakes made by Australians when investing.

And Also…

  • The Unfiltered TRUTH About The Australian Housing Market
    Cut through all the white noise and fear mongering and get the cold hard FACTS about investing in real estate instead of biased thoughts and opinions
  • Why NOW Is The Best Time To Buy (IF You Know Where To Look)
    The best time to invest in real estate was 40 years ago – the next best time is RIGHT NOW (find out exactly where to look so you can find your bargain!)
  • How To Create Extra Income & Break Free From The 9-5 Grind
    The Easy Way To Build A Large Portfolio & Retire Years Early investors and turn them into millionaires so they can retire years, even decades earlier.
  • The Suburbs Our Research Says Will BOOM In The Next 5 Years
    Find out which suburbs our research indicates are set to explode in 2019 and beyond so you can get in before the price surge and reap the financial gains!

Word From Our Clients About
The Incredible Results
They’ve Achieved

Don’t just take my word for it. Hear what some of our
clients have to say about the results they’ve been
able to achieve with our help.

Richard Blay
Lisa Markani
Bianca Trollope
Esther & Greg
Marc Pickering
Dan Gosper
Eugene Soh
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